Home Grow DIY

There is a lot of prefabricated gear on the market, but a lot of it is a quick fix that doesn't last. I'm bringing high quality craft goods to home growers who want more out of their gardens. With adjustable and semi-permanent options, your home grow outfitted with Quality Goods will be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Product selection will be starting small with a Trellis + High CFM Kit and a custom made mounting arm for the Holmes Lil Blizzard fan. There is a massive gap in the market when it comes to oscillating fans that are easily compatible with grow tents, this isn't a perfect solution but it's a great start.

I have plans to add a dozen or more fabricated products as the business grows, including custom designed dry herb vaporizer accessories.

Thank you for your support!

September 18th Update; featuring Quality Goods 5 x 5 - 2 Tier Adjustable Trellis + High CFM Frame, 2x Lil Blizzard Fans, AC Infinity 5x5 Tent and Growers Choice ROI720 LED Grow Light